Do You Suffer From Tight Hip? Find a Wall and Do This Amazing Stretch

Tight Hips are a very common syndrome among desk dwellers. They can lead to lower back pain and tightness in our leg. Free your tight hips by finding a wall and doing this life-changing stretch (no really, it’s thatgood!).

I am glad I met Gwen for a reflexology session at an event in The Dubai Mall, and she told me “girl you got to stretch your tight hips. God bless her for suggesting me this simple yet very effective stretch.

Watch the video below to learn how to do the streching pose correctly. Five to fifteen minutes a day in this pose can lead you reaping off some immense benefits other than flexing your hips!

Benefits of Legs Up The Wall Stretch

Improved Blood Circulation: Lifting legs pump blood faster to the heart

Improved Digestion: Raising legs help exercising muscles responsible for digestion. So you not only get a flatter belly but the digestion will be much more smoother.

Relaxed Nervous System: Elevated legs help you relax and take in more air.

Better Sleep: Stress is the biggest cause of insomnia. Relaxation it brings along makes sure that you sleep like a baby.

After practicing it for a while, it is guaranteed to feel like a whole new person!

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