Five Tips To Help You Continue Sticking To A Healthy Lifestyle

While some people find it easy to continue living a healthy lifestyle, some completely fall off the wagon.

Five Tips Which Will Help You Continue Sticking To A Healthy Lifestyle

However, a few tips and tricks can help you stay on the track. Keep reading :

Find Your Motivation

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Find a long term goal that will keep you motivated. No, weight loss should not be your goal. Weight loss is a short term goal. Both my parents have diabetes, and if I do not stick to a healthy lifestyle I am at a high risk of getting diabetes too. So it is one of the motivating factors for me. Find your reason why do you want to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and follow it for life and not for temporary weight loss reasons. Different people may have different long term motivational factors.

Time Management

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We all have 24 hours in a day. While some manage to do many things, some do not find time at all. To be on a healthy lifestyle track, you need to exercise, sleep well, and eat home cooked food. Start keeping a journal of your hourly activities, do it for a week. You will find out when you are not utilizing time your well. May be you spend two three hours in the evening scrolling down the social media feeds. That time can be used for preping up for meals and exercise.

Make Cooking More Enjoyable

When it comes to healthy eating, cooking is an important part of the process. No matter how much healthy food you eat out, you really do not know what goes into it. When you cook your own meals, you have all control over the ingredients. Experimentations with cooking helps falling in love with the process. I do not like tedious recipes, so I keep on finding quick tasty recipes on Internet. It helps me stay on the track.

Progress, Not Perfection

Do not follow the approach where you either follow the healthy eating plan 100 per cent or nothing at all. If on a day, you feel like eating a chocolate cake, go ahead and eat it. Eating chocolate cake does not mean that you cannot go back to eating healthy. You need to focus on progress than perfection. No one can follow a diet plan to the T. One it is not practical, two it is not sustainable. Do your best and when you want to indulge, do not restrict yourself. Indulge and go back to eating healthy from the next meal itself.

Find A Buddy Support

Find a buddy who can push you. The person you can talk to about your fitness goals. In my case, days I know I will be lazy, I ask my husband to push me to go to gym. No matter how much I scream or resist, he pushes me to go the gym and stay on the track! It works for me.

Hope you find these tips & tricks beneficial for you to stay on the healthy lifestyle track.

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Top Reasons Why You Get Late Night Food Cravings

There are a few common reasons that many people find there arms dug deep into a packet of chips at late night. Want to know what are those? Keep reading and let us what’s your reason.

1. Skip The Meal

When you skip your dinner or eat dinner at 5pm but you are awake till 11pm. It’s a long gap. You are supposed to feel hungry. It’s natural.

2. You are tired.

When body does not get proper rest, it leads to good cravings. So get that extra hour of sleep if you can.

3. You Ate Too Little

When body does not get proper nutrients and calories, it leads to late night cravings.

4. Not Enough Balance

It’s very important to eat a balanced meal for our body to absorb maximum nutrients and vitamins from the food. When we fail to eat a balanced meal, it is directly linked with late night cravings.

5. You Restricted Yourself All Day

You starved yourself the whole day and now you cannot sleep because your body needs food. You suddenly lose it all and give up to the most unhealthy food you should eat before you sleep .

Now pick where you are going wrong. Work on it and you will see late night cravings slowing disappearing or at least these won’t be too frequent.


Five Food You Must Eat Every Day

This is not going to be a diet plan but a general awareness what should we include in our diet for our body to absorb more nutrient dense calories. Take a look:

Omega 3 fats

The best plant based source of Omega 3 fats are ground flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts. You can pick any of the above options and can add it to your breakfast meals such oatmeal’s, smoothies, parfaits etc.


A good gut health is a pathway to good immunity. The best sources of probiotics are sour curd, milk based curd, pickles and kombucha. Try to incorporate any one food at least once a day in your diet.

Dark Leafy Greens

Nothing quite literally tops the list than dark leafy vegetables when it comes to vitamins and minerals. It’s also a beautiful way of adding colors to your food. Spinach, Argula, Kale are a few examples of dark leafy vegetables. You can add them to your smoothies, salads and sandwiches. There are just too many ways to incorporate dark leafy green in all three meals of the day.


Do not hesitate to add plant based milks into your diet. You can use Almond, Soy or Rice Milk. When buying from stores, just make sure that the packet says it has calcium in it. So use plant based milk for making smoothies, or cooking oatmeal or simply for a homemade latte.


Eat berries and fruit. Loaded with antioxidants, fruit give your body the power to fight diseases. You can literally add berries in you salads, parfaits, cookies or just have them as it is along with other fruit.

So above are the five food you must eat once a day to see the difference.

Ayurvedic Tip: Ideal Characteristics of Food

As per Ayurveda, the food that we eat should check the five boxes. It should be Satvik, Seasonal, Local, Fresh and Tasty. Characteristics


The food full of goodness is Satvik. They are also synonymous with modern day’s wholesome foods. These include fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, cow dairy and legumes. They come straight from the Mother Nature and are nourishing for mind, soul and body.


Ayurveda stresses that one should eat food which is in season not in fashion. Go to a local market, know what is seasonal, buy it and eat it.


Choose local produce over fancy imported food. Coconut over avocado. Food which is produced within the radius of 100 km is local. Don’t know which food are seasonal and local? The simplest hack is to go to the nearest store and look for the cheapest options.


Ayurveda suggests that food should be fresh. The food should be eaten within three hours of being prepared. Fresher you eat, more nutrients your body will absorb from it. So eating refrigerated so called health foods will do more harm than good.


Ayurveda suggests that if you do not find a food tasty, your body cannot absorb all its nutrients. But it does not mean that you eat Maggi, it does not check the above characteristics.

So it makes clear what food is good for us.

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Recipe: Healthy Oats Mylk Shake

Oats Mylk Shake

This oats milk shake is one of my favorite recipe for quick breakfast. It has all those ingredients which are recommended for a wholesome breakfast. From wholesome grains, to fruit and nuts, this shake is a powerhouse of nutrients and keeps you full for a longer period.


Two medium size bananas
Almond Milk
One tsp of coffee
One tbsp of peanut butter
One cup Earth Good gluten free oats
Lots of ice cubes

Blend everything in a blending jar and enjoy