Decluttering Coach Saahil Mehta’s Three-Step Strategy For Wardrobe Clean-up

As a part of our lockdown learning webinar series, we had our recent session with famous UAE based decluttering coach Saahil Mehta.

Saahil Mehta shared some exciting tools which can be applied to declutter our physical, mental and emotional lives.

Of all the useful information we received from him, this post will focus on a very specific topic of “how to clean your wardrobe” using Saahil’s three-step strategy.

How To Declutter Your Wardrobe
Three Steps Strategy For Cleaning Up Your Wardrobe More Effectively

To begin with, take everything out and put it on the bed. Now follow the three steps mentioned below:

First Pile

Make a pile of clothes you wear often and put them back in your cupboard.

Second Pile

Now set aside those clothes which you do not even remember when did you wear them last time. Put them aside in a bag and give those clothes to somebody who will have functional use of those clothes.

Third Pile

This is the pile you are not sure of. You want to keep it or not. you do not know. Maybe it’s a gift that you do not want to give away, or you do not fit into this pile anymore.

Regardless, put all these clothes in a bag and keep it away. If you do not wear any of these clothes for three months, it does not have any functional use in your life.

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This information was just a tip of the iceberg, to learn more life hacks, visit or check out his instagram page.


Community Events: Free Online Art Competition For Children

Our blog has taken a small initiative this summer to organise an online art competition “Little Picasso’s Masterpieces” for the little ones within the age group of 4 to 12.

Whether parents are looking for an activity for their children or looking to promote the young talented artist in the house, it is a chance to put some spotlight on all our young artists.

While locked inside their houses, the competition is a wonderful platform for young artists to display their wonderful artworks which deserve larger attention.

Winners of this art competition will receive prizes worth Dhs 1500 in total, a few select artworks will be displayed at An Yahh, an art gallery in DIFC and a select artist will have the opportunity to work with Pizza brand Pitfire in Jumeirah Lake Towers to design the pizza box. Plus there will be many surprise gifts.

The theme of the online art competition is “Battle Against Covid19”. Participants can send their entries showing the creative interpretation of solutions as their fight against the global pandemic, or any Covid19 thought they wish to express.

The aim of hosting the competition is to support, encourage and promote young artists through art.

We have three categories for participants based on age group.

4-6 Age Group for Crayon Colours

7-9 Age Group for Pencil Colours

10-12 Age Group for Poster or Water Colours

First prize winners from each category will receive a goody bag worth Dhs 250 each, second prize winners will receive gifts worth Dhs 150 each and third prize winner will be awarded gifts worth Dhs 100 each.

To participate in the contest, send us entries at

When you send the artwork, please do mention name of the child, age group, address, mobile number and description of the artwork.

Last date to submit entries is 30 June.

The event is supported by following brands. Sugarfied&Co., Livefreshr, Pullman Hotels and Resorts, Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Tower, Kwality Icecreams, Al Arooba, AnYahh Art Gallery in DIFC, Artiserie-A healthy gelato brand, Pitfire Pizza, Al Ain Farms, The Broth Lab and Dubai International Hotel.

Supporters of the art event

Please do support them back.

Online Talk Session On Interior Designing : Learn All About Colours

Our blog sherrygupta has collaborated with an up and coming interior designer Ankita Khemka to host a zoom talk session on one of the most important elements of designing: Colours.

Khemka, a Dubai resident, will be sharing her expertise and give attendees tips on how to play with colours when designing their dream home. The session is free of cost for all our readers. Anyone who is interested in learning a thing or two about the colours should feel free to join in on the Zoom session on Saturday, 9 May at 3pm, Dubai time.

Zoom Id for the session is: 2265446542.

Event Poster

Follow Ankita Khemka here: