Recipe: Almond Granola Dark Chocolate & Berries Parfait

A new e-commerce business sent us a sample of their healthy range of almond granola. Made with all organic ingredients, we were tempted to create a healthy recipe from the packet of goodness being sent to us. Treat Me Gluten Free is a licensed home run business that deals in organic, vegan and gluten free products. Currently, the product range includes, pancake mix, lgaimat mix, Granola, cake mix, subscription box and an eco-friendly tote-bag. (Posting a detailed review and founder interview soon)

To prepare the Almond Granola Parfait, we used Greek yogurt, almond granola, blackberries, dried cranberries, chopped dark chocolate. Under five minutes we had a perfect good looking, delicious and healthy breakfast meal.

Almond Granola Dhs 40


To assemble the parfait, place yogurt in bottom of glass. Add a layer of granola, then chopped dark chocolate, then berries and repeat. Dig in and enjoy!

Wasn’t that easy?

Recipe: Healthy Oats Mylk Shake

Oats Mylk Shake

This oats milk shake is one of my favorite recipe for quick breakfast. It has all those ingredients which are recommended for a wholesome breakfast. From wholesome grains, to fruit and nuts, this shake is a powerhouse of nutrients and keeps you full for a longer period.


Two medium size bananas
Almond Milk
One tsp of coffee
One tbsp of peanut butter
One cup Earth Good gluten free oats
Lots of ice cubes

Blend everything in a blending jar and enjoy

Breakfast Recipe: Mushroom Melt Sandwich

Mushroom and Spinach Melt


2 cloves Garlic

150 gm Mushrooms

1 cup Spinach, fresh

1 tsp Soy sauce


Red pepper flakes

2 tbsp Butter

1/2 cup Mozarella Cheese

Bread 4 Slices


Melt 1-1.5 tbsp of butter in a skillet over low heat.

Peel two cloves of garlic and crush it with the flat side of your knife, then slice it into strips. Add to the butter and cook over LOW HEAT for about 2 minutes. (It should not brown. If it does, the heat is too high.)

Now add sliced mushroom and stir them to coat in butter.

Cook mushrooms in medium-low flame until they turn brown. Add salt as per taste.

Now add one tsp of soysauce and cook for another 30-60 seconds. Taste and adjust flavours accordingly.

Now combine spinach with mushroom and cook until spinach has wilted.

Remove the mixture in a bowl. Add red chilli flakes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and mozeralla cheese.

Now add butter to the skillet. Toast bread from one side. Top it with the mushroom melt filling. Cover it with second bread piece. Flip the sandwich and toast both side until crunchy and brown.

Slice it in half and enjoy.

Recipe for Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal

Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal

I am so glad to finally find a recipe which I do not mind having for my breakfast. I am not a big fan of oatmeal dishes, but this recipe has made it taste so tasty and yummy that I do not mind having it often.

To make this nutritious breakfast dish of Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal, you need following ingredients:

Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal Ingredients

Oats: 3/4 cups

Mashed Banana: one

Vanilla Essence: 1 tsp

Honey/ Maple syrup: 1 tsp

Cinnamon: 1tsp

Salt: a pinch

Plant based milk : as required

For toppings

Fresh Grated Coconut, two chopped walnuts and Chia seeds


Heat a pan. Add all the ingredients oats, mashed banana, cinnamon, vanilla essence, honey and milk one after another and stir them well. Cook oatmeal for 5 to 6 minutes.

Transfer the oatmeal to a bowl and top it with fresh grated coconut, chia seeds and chopped walnuts.

Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal

Enjoy! Eat Healthy Stay Heathy

Battle of Super Seeds: Difference Between Sabja Seeds and Chia Seeds

As chia seeds receive global popularity, many Indian natives often get confused over the difference between chia and sabja seeds aka basil seeds.

Both are nutritious seeds, aid in weight loss and come from same family of mint.

These seeds may look similar to some extent, however their nutritional properties are different.

Let’s spot the differences!

Soaking in water

Chia seeds take time to absorb water. It has the unique ability to gel by absorbing over 10 times their weight. Sabja seeds swell up within seconds of being mixed with water


Chia seeds do not have any taste of its own and can easily be incorporated in any kind of dish. Sabja seeds have a mild flavour of basil and impart the same to drinks and desserts. ( we personally prefer the taste of sabja seeds)

Consumption as Raw Seeds

Chia seeds can be consumed raw or soaked. Sabja seeds can be consumed only after soaking.

Health Benefits

Chia seeds are a good source of proteins and Omega 3s. The naturally low-carb and high-fibre food helps in digestion. Chia seeds are highly recommended for weight-loss. It Promotes energy and endurance and also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Sabja seeds are one of the best body coolant, hence are highly recommended during summer. It has a soothing effect on the stomach and hence useful to combat acidity. Sabja seeds are an excellent source of vitamins and Iron. These seeds help promote healthy skin and hair growth and act as a detoxifying agent and helps to cleanse the blood.

As both seeds are nutritious, we believe rotating them in your puddings is the best way to have them both. You can substitute chia seeds for sabja seeds and vice versa for your nutritious puddings.

Mango and Sabja Seed Pudding
Blueberry and Chia seed Pudding