A 10-Step Guide On Body Detox

Full Body detox is a fancy word. For most of us it implies following a particular diet and using specific products to get rid of harmful toxins.

However, good news is that our body is capable enough to detox it self and one does not need expensive supplements to support the process. One can use natural methods to flush toxins out of the body.

Here’s a 10 Step Guide published by Radhi Devlukia on her Instagram feed

Tongue Scrapper: removes bacteria and toxins that build over night.

Drink Hot Water: Hot Water helps detox and cleanse the channels in body

Body Massage: Body massage helps move toxins out of the body and stimulates better circulation

Dry Brushing: helps throw out toxins through lymphatic system

Eat largest meal in afternoon and have regular meals times : Our body is in tune with nature – our digestion is strongest when the sun is at its highest and so it’s best to eat our largest meal in the afternoon and a light Easy to digest meal in the evening. Regular meal times means you teach out body to produce digestive juices before you start to eat your meals making digestion more efficient.

Add SPICES to your food: spices help your body digest food which means less undigested food to ferment and turn into toxins  

NO SNACKING BETWEEN MEALS – it is important to leave atleast a 3 hour gap between meals to allow your body to digest each meal properly. Only when our food is digested does it allow our body to start using fat as fuel and fat is where the toxins hide and reside. 

CCF TEA – Coriander Cumin and Fennel tea

SLEEP BY 10 : According to Ayurveda our digestive tract cleanses and rejuvenates during this time of night

Be a cutie

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Naturally

Bad hair day is a real thing. Isn’t it? Hair adds to the overall look and it’s unbelievable how much they do add. We know right!

We all want to copy that hair model on TV or should I say on Instagram these days, do n’t we?

Well, things get a bit overwhelming when our hair look not lustrous and flowy but fizzy and dead.

But hello, having good hair is not a rocket science. We all can have good hair by following a routine and exposing our delicate hair to lesser amount of chemicals .

Here’s my top tips on how to look after your hair naturally:

Use Chemical Free Shampoos

Lesser the number of chemicals in your shampoo, healthier your hair will be. Go for gentle shampoos that suit your hair type.

Condition Correctly

Conditioner should always be applied only on the tips of the hair and not on your scalp. Also, make sure to rinse it off thoroughly post application.

Dry Your Hair Naturally

Blow drying can make your hair look good but excessive heat will only damage your hair. So limit it to special occasions only. From air-drying to towel drying after shampoo is a great way to go. Also do not comb wet hair and never go to sleep with wet hair. Be gentle on your hair. Hard rubbing can damage the cuticles of your hair.

Oil your hair

For some reasons, people think oiling as an odd fashioned way of taking care of your hair but I believe old is gold. Pre-shampoo treatments like oiling and massaging improve blood circulation on the scalp, relax your muscles, boost shine and nourish the hair. It also restores moisture content, enables hair growth and repairs split ends. You can choose from coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil and the likes. Avoid using mineral oil on your hair.

Use A Wide-toothed Comb

Well hair brushes are trendy. But not really good for hair. Wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage. Let your hair dry and then use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair. This kind of a comb prevents damage to your hair.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming ensures healthy hair growth. So get rid of the dead split ends after every 6 to 8 months.

Use Fabric Hair Bands

Use fabric hair bands over the plastic ones. Never pull your hair too tight when making a ponytail or any other hair style.

Never Take Hot Showers

Hot showers strip off natural oil from the hair leaving them fizzy and dead.

If you do not look after your hair, soon it will start having dandruff , hair fall and so on! Worse comes when you opt for chemical treatments as the solution, which further damage your hair.

So go natural with your hair and start looking after them by opting for less chemicals and more ❤️.