When Should We Drink Water?

Water is a must. Everyone knows it. It is generally recommended to have 6-8 glasses of water everyday to keep the body well hydrated.

How do you know your body is hydrated?

Ask your body. It will tell you if it wants you to have more water.

Urine colour is a strong indication of how well hydrated your body is. If it’s clear, you are good.

But do you know when should you drink water to maximize its effect on your body?

When to drink water

After Waking Up

Drink one glass of water after waking up to help activate your internal organs. The water will help to remove any toxins before your first meal of the day.

Before A Meal

Drinking a glass of water half an hour before the meal helps in digestion. But do not drink water immediately before or after the meal, it will do more harm than good by diluting digestive juices.

Before A Bath

A glass of water before the bed time keeps the body temperature in check

Before Sleep

A glass of water one hour ago before the bedtime helps replenish fluid loss during the night .

A well hydrated body is a bliss. Keep the above points in mind and you will do endless good to your own body.

When to drink water

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