Visit Purani Dilli To Relish The Most Tempting Vegetarian Kebabs In Dubai

Alert: We post reviews when we genuinely love the food.

Located in Four Points Sheraton Downtown in Mankhool, Purani Dilli opened its doors in Dubai to serve the authentic taste of Mughalai food using age old recipes inspired from the eateries in Old Delhi’s famous food lanes.

I am a vegetarian and always look out for some tempting vegetarian kebabs to fill my hungry belly. We got an invitation from Purani Dilli’s to try its ongoing Kebab & Biryani Festival, we could not say No to.

For Kebab & Biryani festival, Purani Dilli launches a limited period menu including special varieties of Kebabs and Biryanis. Even though, we understand that its Mughlai food and vegetarian options are limited, we still wanted to try the Mughalai flavors and see how well they could add the aroma and flavors of Mughalai food to vegetarian options.

Mango Lassi in Traditional Kulhad

As we take a seat on a comfort sofa at Purani Dilli, the staff serves us Mango Lassi in traditional Kulhad glasses. The taste is delicious with a perfect balance being struck between sour & sweet flavors of lassi.

Next we get what we are here for. Vegetarian Kebabs.

Vegetarian Kebab Platter

We order vegetarian kebab platter. Priced at Dhs 52 for 1, it comes with four varieties of kebabs which includes stuffed paneer, palak, galouti and soya chaap kebabs.

We can say it is love at first sight.

We dig our forks into stuffed paneer kebabs, and so many delicious flavors burst in our mouth. With soft & creamy texture of panner & generous stuffing inside, this place knows what they are doing.

Next we try the Palak kebabs followed by soya and galouti kebabs. All four kebabs just melt in our mouth, and are full of delicious & distinctive flavours.

The spice mix for all four kebabs is different. With every bite, we experience a new flavour and feel fully satisfied with the taste, texture and presentation.

We highly recommend Purani Dilli for your kebabs cravings.

Try it yourself and thank us later.

Purani Dilli has two outlets. Visit

Purani Dilli in Makhool at Four Points By Sheraton, Downtown

Purani Dilli on Sheikh Zayed Road at Four Points By Sheraton, SZR.


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