Nutrition Tip: Replace Your Pre-Workout Coffee With Beet Juice

Yes, you read that right. This is not at all a click bait headline. This is how you can improve your endurance naturally.

In our blog, we focus on nutrition through natural food ingredients which are not fancy and do not come with a fancy price tag.

In our latest online webinar with Dubai-based dietician Mae Al Gethami on Hidden Superfoods in our Fridge, we found out that we necessarily need not to take coffee shots or protein shakes before the workout. Instead, the natural and the cheap alternative is Beet Juice.

Mae Al Gethami says:

Beetroot is no doubt a superfood , it’s vibrant color is due to betalains, a water soluble antioxidant.This root vegetable is not only anti-cancer but also improve your sports performance !

The International Olympic Committee even acknowledged beet juice as a sports drinks to enhance and improve performance.

But why is that ?

Beet Root juice is high in a compound called Nitrate that get’s converted into the molecule ”nitric oxide” in our bodies

Nitric Oxide Can :

-Enhance blood vessel dilation 

-Increase your blood flow and enabling you to use oxygen more efficiently

-Improve your cardiorespiratory endurance

These qualities in turn have made runners increase their overall speed while decreasing fatigue 

So the next time you hit the gym skip the pre-workout/coffee and beet juice a shot !


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