How Much Food Should I Eat?

The answer is easy if we start listening to our bodies. When eating, follow the three rules mentioned below:

Eat in Silence

Switch off mobile, TV or any other distraction. Focus should be on food and food only.

Use All Your Senses

As you take the first bite, use all your senses:sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to fully enjoy what you eat.

Sit Down & Eat

If possible sit down on floor with legs folded. If not on floor, try to fold your legs and sit on dining chair. It’s the best posture to be in when you eat.

Once you start paying attention to your own body, apply a simple rule mentioned below:

Eat half of what you feel like eating & Eat slowly

If you feel like eating two rotis, eat one. Chew your food, take your time and enjoy the process. If you still feel hungry and want to eat one more chapati. This time, you will eat half chapati and eat slowly. Chew Chew and chew. Body sends its signal of being full to the brain a little late. It’s the reason that we tend to overeat when we eat in rush.

So start from eating half and chewing your food.

Practice the above mentioned tips and you will never overeat ever again.


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