Dietician Approved Ways To Get Rid Of Bloating and Water Retention

A Dubai based Dietician Shreya Katyal hosted an interactive talk session with our blog Shreya spoke about some lifestyle changes, which when implemented won’t only allow us to eat our favourite food guilt-free but will also help us maintain healthy body weight. One of the topics that Shreya touched upon was how to get rid of bloating and water retention.

Shreya tells, “Bloating is the condition when gas gets trapped in the abdomen and causes a tight or swollen feeling, which could be painful as well. On the other hand, Water Retention occurs when excess fluids build up within your body. The condition also considered as Fluid Retention or Edema and it can cause swelling in hands, ankles, legs and feet.

But you’ll be happy to know that with some moderation in your lifestyle or by adopting these effective remedies, you can get rid of both. So, without any delay, let’s jump to the solution.”

  • Methi Dana (Fenugreek Seeds): Its seeds are rich in magnesium, which is important for your body and helps you get rid of excess water it is holding. Moreover, it can help to control the blood sugar levels. To obtain its benefits, just have a glass of overnight soaked fenugreek seeds water for 2 Weeks and results will amaze you.
  • Jeera And Ajwain Water: If bloating and water retention is giving you a hard time, nothing can be as helpful as Jeera and Ajwain Water. It contains properties that clear out gas stored in your abdomen, which eventually relieve the heaviness/bloating. Further, they are very good for improving the digestive system that will keep such problems away in the future as well.
  • Drinking Sufficient Water: Whether you accept or not, nothing is as miraculous as water. It has the ability to solve many health problems. When you don’t drink sufficient water, your body starts retaining or holding it, which cause bloating or fluid retention. Therefore, it is highly recommended for all to drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.
  • Take A Banana: You must have heard, “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”, but do you know, having a banana first thing in the morning can keep your stomach away from problems, like bloating, water retention etc. Due to the presence of high-potassium in banana, it can remove extra puffiness and clear out your stomach, which keeps your abdomen happy and healthy.
  • Proper Sleep: Yes, your improper sleep is the main enemy that causes water retention and bloating. Because when you don’t take a good night’s sleep of 8 hours, you either overeat or eat very less according to your diet, which causes several problems. Waking up after having a good night sleep can keep your mind and stomach happy, that keep such problems away. If you are experiencing insomnia or other sleeping issues, you can try Chamomile Tea or Peppermint Tea, it may reduce your stress, calm your senses and help you sleep peacefully. 

These are a few simple yet the most effective ways that can cure bloating and water retention. However, results may depend upon one’s body type, diet and other factors. Therefore, if you are allergic to any of these ingredients, or making any changes in diet, you should first take consultation. 

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