A Dietician On Her Mission To Feed Everyone Healthy Cakes

In our conversation with Aahat Sajnani, a Dubai based dietician and the founder of a home run healthy dessert bakery NO DOUGH; we found out what made Aahat start a healthy dessert business and what does she want to achieve by baking nutritious treats.
Further, she talks about some of the major challenges of running a healthy dessert concept in the Dubai market and also busts a popular health myth.

Read the full interview below.

Aahat Sajnani

Please explain about No Dough Bakery business and what made you start a healthy dessert business? 

We are a whole some home bakery making made to order nutritious treats that you can eat everyday! We use whole, natural and unprocessed foods to make anti-inflammatory treats that are good for you! All our products are made with nutrient dense ingredients but with the same great taste of the “nasties”

We care for people’s health and well-being and use no ingredients we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

I am a dietitian myself and I loved making treats that taste yum, but are also made with healthy ingredients and I thought people need more of yummy healthy treats instead of just healthy but bland.

What are the challenges of running a healthy dessert business? 

Ingredients to make our products completely healthy are expensive to buy, which is why our products are usually priced higher than other run of the mill cakes and cupcakes, making it difficult for us to reach the mass audience.

Who are your target audience and what are you trying to achieve with your business?

Our moto is simple, we want to spread healthy, yummy treats to the population so they don’t feel the need to eat the unhealthy kind ever again.

Are vegan desserts healthy and what kind of questions you generally get asked from your clients?

Vegan desserts are not necessarily healthy, they can still contain a lot of sugar and gluten which aren’t really good for you. Not all vegan desserts are created equal! Ours are all vegan, gluten free & dairy free and contain no refined sugar. Even unrefined sugar can add up, so we try to keep our sugar usage to a minimum.

One health myth you would like to bust? 

All Vegan desserts are healthy! haha

How has Covid-19 changed your perspective towards healthy lifestyle?

Covid-19 has changed everyone’s perspective on health and people are now more focused and actively involve in making active changes to a healthy lifestyle which is nice to see.

Favorite healthy cake from your menu?

Banana & Caramel cake

Favorite healthy food brand

Simple Mills (USA) 

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