Say No To Binge Eating: Recipes For Healthy Evening Snacks

There is no good or bad food when eaten in moderation. But one food we strictly advise against is processed food which includes biscuits and chips of all sorts (baked and diet ones included).

Majorly, we tend to consume these things as snacks. Here are some quick recipes for home made snacks to replace these processed foods with.

Banana and Peanut Butter Bites

This sweet snack is our all time favourite. All you need is a banana and home made/ organic peanut butter (avoid sugar loaded peanut butter and try to source it from an organic place).


1. Slice banana into pieces

2. Top each piece with a little peanut butter

3. You can add one semi sweet choco chip on each banana slice (optional)

This quick snack is sure to satiate your appetite with delicious and nutritious snacks .

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