Review: Let’s Cook Is Making Home Cooking A Cake Walk

Fancy eating a good looking meal, but want to avoid eating out and wary of grocery shopping and the hassle of cooking at home?

You are not alone. I was sailing in the same boat until recently. I always crave for food which is of restaurant standards but do not want to go out to eat, and find cooking at from from scratch a daunting task.


I recently discovered a food business meant for our kinds. Let’s Cook deliver convenience in a box. It is making cooking at home so much easier, fun and GOOD LOOKING with almost ZERO EXTRA EFFORT.


  • Log into
  • Click on Get Started 
  • Choose between two plan options: Build-A-Box and Value Box
  • Hit Subscribe 
  • Choose from amazing selection of Weekly Recipes
  • Checkout, make payment and that’s all.

Once you submit your order, chefs at Let’s Cook gather and prepare all the ingredients you need, and every meal comes with an easy-to-follow recipe card with nutritional information.

The spokesperson at Let’s Cook says, “Why spend your evenings worrying about what’s left in the refrigerator and planning a grocery shop trip, when instead, with the simple click of a button, you can access the Let’s Cook website and choose from a wide range of meal options with every step of the process delivered right to your doorstep.”

Last week, we ordered for Value Box with Four Recipes For Two People. We chose the recipes for Makhani Paneer, Vegan Pad Thai, Mushroom Spinach Pilau and Potato Tortilla Wrap.

lets cook box

Reference photo for how our Let’s Cook Box Looked Like

We received a well packaged box from the team. When we opened the box; it had four compact size boxes carrying ingredients and instructions for each recipe. We stored all four boxes in our refrigerator and they did not even consume a lot of space.

We tried all four recipes and were amazed by the exact proportion of ingredients. I was also proud of myself as I did not waste a single ingredient while cooking a fancy dish. Was satisfied that I had a very hygienic nutritious home cooked food.

Here’s a glimpse of all four delicious meals we cooked in no time:

Vegan Pad Thai

Mushroom and Spinach Pilau 


Paneer Makhani


Potato Wrap Tortillas


Each meal costs approximately between Dhs 47 to Dhs 52.

Our Suggestions: Prices can be as per meal chosen as we ordered vegetarian meals, so it could cost us a little cheaper.

Visit to order your easy to cook chef style recipes now. 

Rating: 4/5

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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